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Robson Immigration

The Robson Family first came to Australia from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England in the latter half of the 1920’s.   In Order of Departure: 1925 Sidney George Robson SS Baradine 16/04/19251 1926 Ada Mary Robson SS Berrima 11/02/19262 Annie Robson SS Berrima 11/02/19263 1927 Thomas Richard Robson SS Orama 05/03/19274 Alice Jane Robson SS Orama 05/03/19275 Olive […]

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“Ten Pound Poms” – The Barton Family come to Australia

Whilst in the RAF during World War II, Alexander Ernest Barton constantly met fellow service personnel who were from Australia. Listening to their stories and anecdotes of the “land of opportunity”, ”the wonderful sunshine and beaches” Alexander, my grandfather, developed an ambition to move halfway across the globe and start a new life in Australia. […]

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